Demurrage and Detention

Demurrage is a fee attached to cargo that has overstayed its time at a terminal. Also known as a per diem fee, it is raised when the importer has picked up the container for unpacking, but the empty container has not returned to the nominated depot within the agreed free-time

Drayage vs Trucking

Drayage is the term used for a Power-Only truck that hauls intermodal or ocean containers. Trucking is the term for a Semi truck that operates Van, Flatbed, or Refridgerated Cargo across longer distances. The term Trucking is used to describe both in most cases.

Intermodal Vs Ocean

Intermodal freight transportation is a combination of two or more different shipping modes like a truck, intermodal rail transport, ship, or aircraft to move freight to the final destination. Intermodal box consist of 48’ and 53’, while ocean containers are 20’,40’,40HQ and 45HQ’

Difference between cubing out vs weighing out

With shipments having different dimension and weight, it could cube out before it weighs out. It doesn’t matter if the shipment is air or ocean, each method has its own calculation. For air cargo, carriers will charge based on the weight or measurement which ever is greater. As for ocean LCL it is calculated based on 1 CBM or 1,000kg which ever is greater.


FCL stands for Full Container Load which means you are the only shipper inside the container. LCL stands for Less than Container Load which means multiple shippers will be part of one container.


FTL stands for Full Truck Load which means the trailer that is being used is dedicated strictly to your shipment. LTL stands for Less than Truckload which means you will share space with other shippers on a trailer.

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